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MEUp - 3D Visual Recovery -

1 usd

"MEUp" is the visual recovery training application.In the training environment provided by this application, the images are lined up side to side. Those images will move closer or away. Is the so-called "Moving stereograms". Please continue to follow in the eye while looking like this stereoscopic vision. This act will be to stretch the muscles of the eye.
One of the eyesight recovery method is advocated in general, there is something like the following. Consciously repeat the movement of the focus, to near and far. It has been said that this action relaxes the muscles of the eye, and lead to visual recovery. Is also effective as a massage of tired eyes.
You can get the same effect in the eye by continuing to follow the moving image in the "MEUp".
"MEUp" is equipped with the following functions in order to assist the vision recovery training.You can choose from three types of training images, three-dimensional character, three-dimensional photography, random dots. And can be used to train a favorite image in the terminal further.You can take a simple training history.For those unfamiliar with stereoscopic 3D, you can adjust the speed of the moving image.
* Application will use to load the specified image storage read permissions. Please be assured that they do not access to storage devices for applications other than this.